A day in the life….

So in case any of you wonder what a normal workday is like for us game industry designery folks, here’s a quick rundown of my day:

  • Get in at 10:10am. – ALMOST ON TIME! WOO!
  • Discover that I got a new shelf. That means one thing… IT’S TIME TO SET UP ALL MY TOYS!
  • Have a discussion with the programmers about how to handle important things like how the camera works and what happens when you die.
  • Have a meeting with our Project Manager to get caught up on what’s required for the next milestone
  • Have a meeting about some big changes to the game. Can’t talk too much about that, of course.
  • Called and talked to the writer about the big changes.
  • Lunch.
  • After lunch I stopped by best by to pick up Lego Star Wars II for research purposes (no I’m not making a Lego game, a Star Wars game, or a II game).
  • I also ended picking up Resident Evil: Extinction and Shoot-Em-Up on Blu-Ray. Man, those blue rays must be made out of diamonds or some shit, because those are fucking EXPENSIVE.
  • Spent some time checking out Lego Star Wars II. A delightful game — lots of personality.
  • Spent the rest of the workday in meetings of one kind or another. Most of them were pretty vital.
  • Spent time after hours going through the pile of design applications and tests that accumulated over my vacation.
  • Ended the day by coming up with animation lists for a few characters (at least I assume at this point that I’ll do this before I leave. I’m still working on the tests, and it’s about 11:16pm.)

So there’s a breakdown for you.

Hopefully I’ll get a break in the torrent of work that’s piled up so that I can write up another chapter to the “Stealing Game Design” article.

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  1. No wonder you didn’t get home until 5:00 am!

  2. I want that Ratchet Dummy Glove thing.

  3. 13 hour days?

    Also I am sad you are not making a II game.

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