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I was trying to think of features for my blog — something that would keep me writing content from time to time. And I came up with this one:


I’m constantly starting stories and then not finishing them. I’ve done this since high school. I imagine I’ll continue doing this until I die.

So to put those to some use, I’m going to post the first paragraph or so of these stories. My hope is that they, on their own, conjure up an image of what the story would have been — which is the ultimate goal of a good beginning.

So here’s my first one:

Even on his deathbed, Arthur Pendragon Flemmings never quite came to forgive his mother and father for naming him. Though the years had softened the blow somewhat, and though throughout his life he loved his mother and father as dearly as a child could, he never quite came to grips with it. As a child he was completely incapable of explaining the name to his peers. Even years later in grad school, law school, or in his short span of time behind the bench — Art could only really shrug his shoulders, grin, and admit that yes, his parents really were just that nerdy. Of course, he always thought, it could have been worse.  

At least they hadn’t been Tolkein fans.

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  1. I’m entertained.

  2. Then I have done my job. And now, I must leave this planet for the good of all.


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