Cruise-related odds and ends.

I figured I’d post a couple things that were awesome from the cruise:

First off, this was something I witnessed in Jamacia.

Nuff said.

Second, here are some awesome concert moments:

For the first time ever, Jonathan Coulton performs “Big Dick Farts a Polka.” If you haven’t heard the song, it’s awesome.


This is one of my favorite JoCo songs. It reminds me a lot of George Washington, which was also awesome, but not really relevant here.

And then…

They change the lyrics of one of the songs so it’s about Will Wheaton. WHEAAAATOOOON!!!

I read his book Just a Geek, BTW, and highly recommend it.


This was a cool moment. We met Amanda and her husband at dinner the previous night, so it was really neat when this happened.

We were watching Karaoke (all the songs were Jonathan Coulton songs) which was being hosted by Jonathan Coulton. Amanda asked to do a duet with him, and he did! Very cool.

And lastly:

John Roderick singing “The Commander thinks Aloud” with Jonathan Coulton and Paul and storm. This was one of the highlights of the cruise for me. Some of the notes sound bad on the recording (the audio quality loses a lot of the coolness of how it sounded in the room) but the video still gives me chills every time I watch it.

The song is about the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, just FYI. It’s important to know.

So there you go. An assortment of my favorite memories from the trip. I also posted all my pictures on flickr if you’re interested. I haven’t labelled or pruned them, and there’s a ton of crap pictures I took from a moving van, but there’s some worthwhile shots on there.

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