Doing some Bob Ross Photoshop paintings

I’ve been trying to follow along with Bob Ross, but in Photoshop. Here’s a series I did recently, with comments:

landscape2 landscape3

With the above two trees, I really like how the tree bark came out. At this point, I still didn’t know how to make my own brushes in Photoshop. I think I overused the leaf brush in the one below.

landscape4 landscape5

I did the above painting entirely with a rectangular brush. I really like the mountains in that one.


I did this camp painting above based on a reference photo I got on Google Images, but i can’t find it now. I like how a lot of things turned out in this one, but especially the right half of the painting. I put a zoomed version below.

For this painting, I finally learned how to make my own brushes. It makes a big difference.


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