Good looking game looks good


Aww yeah.

Check out more images from the new stuff here:

Spyborgs, baby.

Buy two.

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  1. hey man, i interviewed with you a while back. you didn’t hire me, but it looks like you’re making a kick ass game. congrats.

    — scott

  2. Thanks, Scott. Have you had any luck in the search since then? I remember you were our runner-up for the junior design position.

  3. I guess. I have a QA Lead position, but I’d still love to move into design at some point. I remember pitching you a terrible game idea during my interview and I’ve always felt horrible about that.

  4. Actually you did well on the interview. The main point of the exercise I think you’re talking about wasn’t to get a solid design out of you, but rather to have you demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills under pressure.

    If I remember correctly, you did well in both those areas. Your written test was also good.

    It was a very close race between the final candidates.

  5. Well, thanks, I guess.

    That was the exercise I was talking about. I get the point, but still, I feel like I pitched a really bad game idea, and I feel bad about that regardless, even if it had no impact on the result.

  6. Hey Mike, I just read about your idea re: the wii-motion plus and adding a new character to support it. Very interesting. I could see a lot of potential uses in that vein.

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