GTA 4 Update and Rambling

I haven’t been playing GTA IV exclusively — there have been a few other games (and various other activities) taking up my time recently, but I’m trying.

After going through some more of the story, I’m really starting to get interested. It’s a bit easier to drive the cars now, though that may be just because I know which cars are pieces of shit and which cars are better to drive. I’m guessing it’s a measure of me getting better, as well.

Using cover makes the combat system much less offensive (when I can remember what button actually FUCKING does it). I still hate fighting people, but at least it’s not as bad as it was before.

I still HATE going on dates. 

I fucking LOVE Brucie. That character is awesome.

In other news, things have died down at work a bit — so I’m not working quite so crazy hours. I got home by 11pm tonight, which was nice. Last week I was coming home after 1am very often. 


Kung Fu on Saturday was tough. It was very hot, but we also did a whole bunch of strength training stuff in one of my classes. It’s partially a ground-fighting class, so we had to do a lot of exercises against the dead weight of our classmates. It’s a lot tougher to bench press a human being than it is to bench press equivalent metal weight, I’ll tell you that.

Mary’s been playing “My Life as a King” — the new Final Fantasy downloadable game for the Wii, and I’ve been watching her. I think they made that game for Mary — it’s exactly everything that addicts her to a game (in my professional opinion). I suppose she’ll let me know if it’s true or not, but as soon as I heard of it I knew she had to play it.

I played a lot of Boom Blox for the Wii last week. It’s a pretty fun little game. I have NO idea what Speilberg had to do with that game, but his name is on the fucking box for some reason.

Like most Wii games, it’s very mini-gamey. But that doesn’t stop it from being really addictive in a “just one more level” kind of way.

I’ve also realized I need to get a lot more organized. I’ve got so many personal projects, combined with tasks from work, chores around the house and conflicting things I need to do on weekends… it’s just getting too overwhelming to manage it all. Scott Kurtz over at PVP suggested a book called Getting Things Done by a guy named David Allen. I’ll probably pick that up and see if it can help.

In other reading news, I just finished a pile of books:

How to Win Friends and Influence People — Great book. I highly recommend it. It’s basically just a big book about how to talk to and interact with people in such a way that it benefits both you and the person you’re interacting with. Good stuff. It’s all really logical, but seeing it all written down with practical steps and advice attached to it makes for a very helpful read.

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman — This is a book of essays about popular culture and western society. Some of them were really good and some of them made me want to kick his ass. His essays on Porn and Serial Killers were really awesome. The one on the Sims I didn’t like so much. It paints him as pretty clueless about games in general. Even though he was just using the Sims as a vehicle to make another point I wasn’t drawn into it very well.

Perdido Street Station by China Mieville — This was a really good read. I liked it all the way up until the ending, which I thought felt kind of forced. Overall I’d recommend it, though. It’s what Orson Scott Card would call a Milieu story. The world is very rich and imaginative. It’s a fantasy universe that’s very original and quite refreshing. The characters are pretty good, and the plot holds up most of the way.

I went to see a Jonathan Coulton concert on Sunday at the House of Blues in hollywood, which rocked my shit. The opening band “Paul and Storm” were really good. I usually hate opening bands, but these guys were awesome. I bought all their CDs.

It was a great show overall. Coulton brought out Paul and Storm a bunch of times, though when they all got naked that was kind of odd. Too bad they didn’t allow cameras — I’m sure the internet would have a field day.

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