My head

Recently, every night I’ve been having a series of vivid dreams. They differ every time, though there are some reruns. There’s always five or six of them, and they’re always very complete — like stories — and I tend to remember them after waking up, though they go away after a few hours.

There’s one where I decide to take some classes outside of work to buff up on some knowledge, so I sign up for a full semester at my old high school. But then I can’t wake up early and end up missing nearly a whole semester’s worth of my first class of the day.

Even though I know I don’t need these classes for anything, since I’m grown up and working, I feel panicked about failing that class.

I have a lot of dreams about fighting through legions of bad guys. That’s probably kung fu and video games talking.

It’s very odd. I’ve never had weeks worth of repeat vivid dreams like this before. One more thing to talk about with a shrink, I guess.

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