New Job!

So now, about 3 and a half months after being laid off from Bionic, I finally have a new job!

It’s pretty neat. I’m a “Design Specialist” for Activision. I had never heard of such a job before, but it’s pretty different from anything I’ve done previously.

Basically I’m working publisher-side, instead of developer-side. When an Activision development team (first or third party) requests or needs help with design, our group responds. We review builds and give feedback, travel on-site and visit with developers, and in general help wherever we’re needed most.

It seems like a pretty cool job to me for a number of reasons:

1) I’m thinking it’s going to be very cool to work on a number of titles at the same time.

2) I’m gong to get to meet lots of people in lots of different places (all over the world!)

3) It seems like the work hours are going to be pretty reasonable, though it will mean a lot of travel. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping at my desk like I was at Bionic, so that’s good right off the bat.

So all in all, good times!

I’m probably going to be moving closer to my work, though, since it’s a fairly long commute from where I live to Santa Monica. We’ll see how that goes.

Hopefully I should still have enough time to work on my flash game projects. Now that I have the basic building blocks down (particles, skeletal animation, stick figure rendering, animation blending, etc) I’m going to begin working on my first actual game.

It’s not going to be “Stick Figure Samurai” — that one might be too difficult to do first — but it will feature a stick figure protagonist of some kind. I’ve got the basic design of it stewing in my headmeats, and I’ll post updates and demos as they come.

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  1. Woo job!

    Woo game! 🙂

    I’m curious to see what you draw forth from your headmeats there. Make your dancing fantastic!

    Oh, and good luck at the job. 😉

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