Project Bacon: Combat Prototype 3

What’s up, Space Rangers?

I put in another few hours on the combat prototype and I’ve got a small update that makes a big fun-factor difference.

– Added a third enemy type (Purple Swarmer enemy)
– Enemies now drop little blue orbs. The orbs are worth 15 points each.
– The purple gems that are scattered around are worth 30 points each.

Design Notes:
After adding in the swarmer enemy type (which is a small, easy version of the ranged type that doesn’t block your movement), the game is now a little more interesting.

Because the mass of swarmers changes the feel of the game to be much more combat-centric, now killing enemies helps you earn points and beat a level (when you collect the blue dots).

Also, because its so frantic, I had to remove the fog of war. It just made it nearly impossible to play. I’ll put it back in later once I get the enemies spawning in rooms, and not infinitely chasing you down. If you want to see what it’s like, press the “F” key to toggle fog of war on or off.

I also changed the music. I was getting sick of the old music, so I whipped up something in Garageband, using a bunch of drum loops. It’s not great, but it’s less annoying to me. Plus you can actually hear the sound effects a little better now.

Also, just FYI, there are a fair number of bugs in this build. I’m not properly resetting the blue orbs between levels, so some weirdness happens there. Also sometimes enemies are ending up inside walls. I have no freaking idea how that’s happening — I’ll have to look into it.

What’s Next:
Next I’m going to implement the last enemy type, the Heavy. He’s gonna be a bit of a challenge because he needs to be big, mean, and crazy as fuck. Not sure exactly what he’s gonna do right now, but he’ll probably be a ranged guy.

If you’d like to check out the new build, please click here.

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