Project Bacon Combat: Prototype 4

Space Rangers rejoice! With the final enemy type added in the combat prototype is almost complete. All I need to do now is add in two extra weapons for the player to use.

Besides the gun that shoots straight ahead which is currently in, I’m also planning on having a “grenade-type” gun that throws out a thing that explodes for area-effect damage and a close-range attack that is risky but either does a bunch of damage or knocks enemies back from you. One big question for me currently is how the player will switch from one weapon to another, but I’ll try a few different ways and see what I like best.

In this newest build, I’ve added the Heavy Enemy. He’s a big lumbering spider thing. His attack charges up slower than the other enemies, but packs a huge wallop (about 50% of your total HP). I also made it so the radar blips change color based on what type of enemy you’re fighting, and all enemies drop a different number of reward-globes.

With all four enemy types, one can now get a pretty good idea of how combat will feel in the game proper.

One of the things I’ve been hoping to demonstrate with this process is how these four types of enemies come together to create something that is more than the sum of their parts. The fights feel very different now based on which enemies are coming at you at any given time, and which enemy you want to kill first also changes based on the terrain and the enemies available.

When I’m all done with the combat prototype, I’m going to make a demo that allows you to tweak and turn on/off various features of the game to make it easy to see how each feature affects the whole experience. That should be pretty fun to play with, I think.

If you’d like to check out the new build, please click here.

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