Project Bacon VIII

A bunch of updates today:

First off, I’ve codenamed this thing “Project Bacon.” I have done this because A) Bacon is awesome!!! and B) Bacon starts with the letter B, and this is my second project I’ve got going right now. So there you go.

I was hoping to get a full fledged combat prototype done, but that proved too ambitious.

So I made it so you can shoot a basic machine-gun type weapon while moving around (aim with the mouse and click to shoot). The bullets all collide correctly and aim correctly (which took me longer than it should have, really).

Since I didn’t get as much done on the combat side as I’d hoped, I spent a short time messing around with some other new features.

For one thing, I added a splash page. The app boots up to a screen that tells you the controls and asks you to click to start. I added this for two reasons. 1) I added music too, so this keeps the music from playing right when you start up the browser, which would be ANNOYING, and 2) Since you need to click on the flash app in order to do anything, this screen forces you to do that.

As I mentioned before, I added music, so that’s there.

I also learned how to use flixel’s button class (which is on the splash page).

I also spent some time messing around with flixel’s particle system, which is actually pretty easy to use. I don’t have a demo of it in here, but maybe I’ll put one in a future revision.

I pulled the graphics for the splash page button from If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a really cool site (thanks to Tony Garcia for introducing me to it!)

The music is “Holocaust – Electro Rock Loop” by I also got it from opengameart, but the notice says to credit, so I did.

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