Project Cake

I did pretty much all I wanted to do with Project Bacon (my little Tank-based combat prototype), so now I’m moving onto the next step.


This is a test of more traditional methods of game design (manual placement and setup design principles). I’ve rewritten the engine I’m using to support using manually-created content instead of just random content.

All of these levels are currently set up using Tiled, an open source Tile Editor program. From Tiled I can set up art, gameplay, collision, and much more — it works as a full fledged editor for me.

The first playable version of Project Cake consists of a couple of dummy areas I rigged up to show off various features the engine now has:

1) NPC Dialog – When you get close to an NPC, you can press space to talk to them.
2) Loading levels – When you walk into the store or out the north exit of town, the game will load a new level and plop you in there.
3) “Stores” – I’ve got a stub UI in for buying things at an NPC store.
4) Combat – I put in one of the enemies from Project Bacon. I’ve also set up the player character to rotate around with the mouse and to shoot little fireballs. All in all, it’s a good start.

All the art is random stuff I grabbed off the internet. I wrote a couple of programs to make sprite sheets and to create sprite animations, but they’re really rough around the edges.

To see the build, please click here.

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  1. Fireballs!

  2. I love your guy who says, “I sells stuff! Woo! Go me!” 😀

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