Some updates

I haven’t been posting here recently, but hopefully this is the beginning of a reversal to that trend.

I’ve posted a few things on the YouTubes that you might be interested in:

First, after getting lots of requests, I’ve put together a version of my GDC talk that I think is legal to show. I recorded the audio myself, and cut together slides over it — so I don’t think I’m using anythign I shouldn’t.

Be warned, it’s an hour long.

Secondly, we’re now 13 episodes into the RC3 developer commentary. The latest episode is about my trials and … Continue reading

New Podcast Series

My good friend and fellow developer Tony “Mr Sunshine” Garcia and I just began a series of “Developer Commentary” videos.

First up is Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando — our first game as REAL developers (we were testers on RC1).

So far we’ve put up one episode, which gets us to the end of the first level (Level 0).

You can see it:

Part 1:
Part 2:

ON ITUNES (At some point):


Or… if you’re really lazy, you can … Continue reading

[D3] Episode 11

I instructed the cabbie to leave as much space as he could between us and the other cab. I still wasn’t sure if I’d been made, I didn’t want to give the guy I was following any reason to be suspicious.

After a few minutes I began to relax a little. The cab ahead of us was going fast, sure, but not the kind of fast you’d expect from someone who knew they were being followed. With my newfound relaxation, I found myself looking out the window a bit.

Vegas in the morning is a very different place than Vegas … Continue reading