Jon Pertwee again, but better


I’ve decided to try all the doctors in this style (and maybe try a do-over on the Eighth Doctor). So here’s Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor in this black and white style I’ve been developing.


This time I learned a lot about drawing the shading lines on the face. In previous drawings I’d had the lines be mostly parallel, but in this one I tried putting them at angles. I think it really improved the three-dimensional-ness of the final result.


11th Doctor

Turns out drawing all the Doctors is a really good way to practice drawing people — and the variation of backgrounds is a good excuse to try different painting tricks and techniques.

I learned a few new tricks on this one.

I think I could polish it up some more, but I’m running out of steam — so who knows?

11th doctor painting

Doctor 7 and the Brigadier

I did a painting of Sylvester McCoy, my favorite of the old-school doctors, with Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart — my favorite of the old school companions.

The image reference for this was from the story Battlefield, which was “King Arthur meets UNIT.” Nuff said, amirite?

I like the color palette I ended up working with. It makes the light parts seem lighter and the dark parts darker.

Doctor 7 and the Brigadier painting