Making Stuff: Part VII

Today I hooked up animations. I also improved some of the under-the-hood stuff so I can display better walls. Instead of just having blocky one-size-fits-all walls, now I can have walls that feel a little more three-dimensional.

Since I needed examples of the three dimensional feel, I did a google image search and came up with some sprites that I’m using for the time being (I think it’s zelda sprites, for the most part, and maybe thats a Final Fantasy sprite for the player).

Doors work now, as well.

I also learned how to play sounds (on purpose), so now … Continue reading

Makin’ Stuff: Part VI

Pushbutton Engine wasn’t working out well for this project. PBE is feature-rich but doesn’t have a few things I needed, like tile-maps with good collision detection. It’s also much more complicated than I need for this project — I found I was spending more time wrangling my way through PBE than I was making things.

So I switched the project over to flixel, another flash game engine.

It’s pretty simple (I had something up and running in a few minutes) and has the bonus of working REALLY well with the dungeon generation code I made.

So I got … Continue reading

And still… I make more stuff: Part V

Building on the stuff I made in Part IV, I have more to share.

I’ve converted the whole thing to use the Pushbutton Engine. It’s not a huge leap, but it took me a while to make it work. I haven’t used Pushbutton since my Stick Figure Samurai experiments, and it’s changed quite a bit since then.

After doing that, I made a quick prototype where you can run around inside one of the randomly generated mazes. Pushbutton made it surprisingly easy!

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