Our friends over at GeekDad just keep writing great stuff about Skylanders:

The article I linked above has one passage that made me stop and marvel.

They don’t actually use the Skylanders DS styluses to play on the DS at all. Firstly they used them to create their own plays in a make shift cardboard theater. By poking the stylus up from behind they could get the miniature Skylanders figures to act out different chapters from their adventures.

They then moved on from this when one of the styluses got inadvertently broken (apparently during a particularly hazardous Skylanders … Continue reading

On Ideas

My aunt is a doctor (the medical kind).

When she comes to family gatherings for Thanksgiving or Christmas, she’s always bombarded by health-related questions. I’m as guilty as anyone in my family of asking for doctoral advice, and she always gives it good naturedly. You can tell she loves what she does.

If I were her, though, I’d go batshit-fucking-insane. I think this because there are certain questions I get in my line of work which do, in fact, drive me batshit-fucking-insane.

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