Man, June has been a crazy month. I got sick, started a podcast, went to E3, cleaned up a horrible virus that infected my server and took down all my websites, and generally have just been REALLY REALLY busy.

(Speaking of which, podcast episodes 5 and 6 are up! Check them out over at http://podcast.uselessopinions.com)

One thing I haven’t done yet in the month of June, though, is make any posts about Project Bacon!

That’s not because I haven’t worked on it, oh no. I’ve been working, but I did a big ol’ overhaul and it wasn’t looking great … Continue reading

E3 2011: Skylanders!

So far this is my favorite E3 hands-on preview:


And this is my favorite part:

Until today, the phrase “game with toy tie-in” would have sent me running in the other direction. Especially if a publisher as avaricious as Activision were involved. Having played Skylanders, however, its clear that they’ve come up with a product that would have thrown eight-year-old me into paroxysms of joy. Discussing the game’s potential with my colleagues, I decided that I learned a valuable lesson today: Things that appear evil aren’t always actually evil.

YAY! They got … Continue reading

Alas, E3… we hardly new ye.

As everyone knows by now, the E3 expo — that bastion of consumerism, the light that shone for all our industry to see — as of last year was no more.

I bring this up merely because this is the week that, in yesteryear, it would be held.

Today we’d be huddled in conference rooms listening to live feeds from Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony’s press conferences. We’d be making our trips over to the convention center to pick up our passes, knowing that in the next few days we’d get to take off work and visit the carnival to end … Continue reading