Combat Prototype: A “failed” experiment in weapon design

I thought it might be interesting to show a work-in-progress experiment I was doing with the players’ weapons.

I’m working first on what I call the “indirect” weapon. The basic idea is that it’s not supposed to be about getting guys right in front of you, but rather you can use it in some unorthodox way to kill enemies that a straight-ahead gun type weapon just won’t do.

My first idea was to make something like a grenade. You shoot it out and it has a big area of effect explosion that damages everything inside it. The idea was it … Continue reading

Project Bacon Combat: Prototype 4

Space Rangers rejoice! With the final enemy type added in the combat prototype is almost complete. All I need to do now is add in two extra weapons for the player to use.

Besides the gun that shoots straight ahead which is currently in, I’m also planning on having a “grenade-type” gun that throws out a thing that explodes for area-effect damage and a close-range attack that is risky but either does a bunch of damage or knocks enemies back from you. One big question for me currently is how the player will switch from one weapon to another, … Continue reading

Project Bacon: Combat Prototype 3

What’s up, Space Rangers?

I put in another few hours on the combat prototype and I’ve got a small update that makes a big fun-factor difference.

– Added a third enemy type (Purple Swarmer enemy)
– Enemies now drop little blue orbs. The orbs are worth 15 points each.
– The purple gems that are scattered around are worth 30 points each.

Design Notes:
After adding in the swarmer enemy type (which is a small, easy version of the ranged type that doesn’t block your movement), the game is now a little more interesting.

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Project Bacon: Combat Prototype 2

Okay, Space Rangers, I’ve got another update for ya!

– Added a new enemy type (Blue Near enemy)
– Converted the project to Flixel 2.5. This was surprisingly difficult
– Added in “gaps” (see below for more info)

Design Notes:
– Enemy Types –
The biggest change in this version is the addition of the new “Near” enemy type. The final combat prototype will have four types: Far, Near, Swarmer, and Heavy.

Far enemies essentially attack from far away. Near enemies attack up close. Swarmers are far/near enemies that are really easy to defeat … Continue reading

Project Bacon: Combat Prototype 1

I finally got a chance to work on the combat prototype for Project Bacon (in addition to a few other nifty little additions). First I’ll describe the extras I put in, and then I’ll go into a little more about the combat prototype.

“Fog of War”: The player’s light reveals the map. Similarly, the minimap reveals itself as you play through it, instead of showing up fully revealed. This gives the game an explor-ey feel. It also makes it easier to tell where you have and haven’t been.

Game Over: The player can now die. When he dies, … Continue reading

Project Bacon: X

This time I made a number of behind the scenes changes. I put the lights, the map, and the radar into some nice systems so they’re easy for me to use now.

I also improved the radar so that it shows enemy blips.

Finally, and most obviously, the enemy will now follow you around the level.

This was a huge deal, since I had to go in and fix my duct-taped-together A* implementation and then repurpose it for use in this context.

I got it up and running pretty quickly at first, but quickly discovered it was WAAAAY to … Continue reading

Project Bacon IX

Just a couple of extras this time:

1) I added darkness and lighting. The player carries a light around, and all the bullets you shoot have little lights on them.

2) I added a minimap and a overlay-map. The minimap is up by default. If you hit “SPACE” or “M” it’ll bring up the overlay map.

3) There’s an enemy in the lower right corner of the map. You can shoot him and he’ll take damage (he’s got about 15 HP, each bullet does 1 damage).

I’m gonna need to do some cleanups on all these new systems (they’re huge … Continue reading

Project Bacon VIII

A bunch of updates today:

First off, I’ve codenamed this thing “Project Bacon.” I have done this because A) Bacon is awesome!!! and B) Bacon starts with the letter B, and this is my second project I’ve got going right now. So there you go.

I was hoping to get a full fledged combat prototype done, but that proved too ambitious.

So I made it so you can shoot a basic machine-gun type weapon while moving around (aim with the mouse and click to shoot). The bullets all collide correctly and aim correctly (which took me longer than it should … Continue reading

Making Stuff: Part VII

Today I hooked up animations. I also improved some of the under-the-hood stuff so I can display better walls. Instead of just having blocky one-size-fits-all walls, now I can have walls that feel a little more three-dimensional.

Since I needed examples of the three dimensional feel, I did a google image search and came up with some sprites that I’m using for the time being (I think it’s zelda sprites, for the most part, and maybe thats a Final Fantasy sprite for the player).

Doors work now, as well.

I also learned how to play sounds (on purpose), so now … Continue reading

Makin’ Stuff: Part VI

Pushbutton Engine wasn’t working out well for this project. PBE is feature-rich but doesn’t have a few things I needed, like tile-maps with good collision detection. It’s also much more complicated than I need for this project — I found I was spending more time wrangling my way through PBE than I was making things.

So I switched the project over to flixel, another flash game engine.

It’s pretty simple (I had something up and running in a few minutes) and has the bonus of working REALLY well with the dungeon generation code I made.

So I got … Continue reading