I haven’t really been playing much else…

Over the three day weekend I finally got a lot of GTA 4 in, and I do love it quite a lot. Some of the things I mentioned in my first post still continue to annoy me (the many MANY buttons on the controls) but many have faded as I’ve gotten used to dealing with them.

Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite things about GTA 4 and my top 5 least favorite things — just based on this weekend’s playing:

1. Niko Bellik – He’s the series’ best hero to date. Not only is he a … Continue reading

GTA 4 Update and Rambling

I haven’t been playing GTA IV exclusively — there have been a few other games (and various other activities) taking up my time recently, but I’m trying.

After going through some more of the story, I’m really starting to get interested. It’s a bit easier to drive the cars now, though that may be just because I know which cars are pieces of shit and which cars are better to drive. I’m guessing it’s a measure of me getting better, as well.

Using cover makes the combat system much less offensive (when I can remember what button actually FUCKING does … Continue reading

What I’m Playing

Oh man, so much…

I both love and hate this time of year. I was kind of relieved last year when it was a lackluster season.

Phew, here we go:

Games I’m Playing Now:

  • Zelda – Phantom Hourglass
  • Yes, I’m still working on it. I’m gonna finish it because I finish ALL Zelda games, but really this one is near the bottom of my list of favorite Zelda Games. I think I’ve written about it before, but I REALLY don’t agree with a number of decisions they made in this game. Especially the retraversal of the sea temple. I’ve … Continue reading