Confessions of a Nerd who is Learning to Love Football

When I was a kid, I had plenty of reasons (or so I believed) to hate the sport of football — but I think I can trace it back to one week in particular during 7th grade.

I’m an August kid. For those countless masses of you of you lucky enough NOT to have been born at the end of summer vacation let me explain to you what this means:

1) You never have to go to school on your birthday.

2) When you start working, you really start to miss #1.

3) You’re either a year older or younger … Continue reading

My last 7 Days

Long story short: 7 days, 7 airplanes, 6 airports, Wrestlemania, an awesome sandwich, and some work.

Long story long:

So last monday I went on a trip for work to Albany, New York. I flew over the FREAKING GRAND CANYON!!

I got to work with the gang over at Vicarious Visions, which was fun, and then we came back.

My flight was scheduled to leave Albany, New York at about 1:30pm. It was delayed till 4:30pm, but that was … Continue reading