Cruise-related odds and ends.

I figured I’d post a couple things that were awesome from the cruise:

First off, this was something I witnessed in Jamacia.

Nuff said.

Second, here are some awesome concert moments:

For the first time ever, Jonathan Coulton performs “Big Dick Farts a Polka.” If you haven’t heard the song, it’s awesome.


This is one of my favorite JoCo songs. It reminds me a lot of George Washington, which was also awesome, but not really relevant here.

And then…

They change the lyrics of one of the songs so it’s about Will Wheaton. WHEAAAATOOOON!!!

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Tom Smith is a fucking Genius

For a long while now I’ve been a fan of a comedy singer named Tom Smith. The man is a fucking genius, and if you haven’t already gone out and bought his album “And They Say I’ve Got Talent” you should go to iTunes and do it right fucking now.

That being said, I just now noticed that he’s doing a Jonathan Coulton-style “Song a Week” and there’s a bunch of songs he’s finished up at:

I’m still listening to them, but thus far I highly recommend: “Dead Again” (which is video game related), “I’m on Firefly” … Continue reading