What the… Spyborgs news?


This is the first Spyborgs-related story I’ve seen in a while. I guess Nintendo power has a little tidbit on it’s hands. I can’t say  for sure either way, but at least it’s a mention of the project I’m working on.

I gotta get my hands on the January edition. I don’t think it has anything but a sentence or two, but still…

Once we show again, I think people are going to be very pleased indeed, so I can’t wait for that. In the mean time, I must … Continue reading

Some interesting stats

I found this site called VG Chartz. It’s a nifty little site that lets you track (very approximate) meta-data about games and gaming hardware.

I was bumming around the site and found a bunch of interesting statistics pertaining to this next generation that kind of went against my normal perceptions of things. Here’s a bunch of stuff I found out:

PS3 is doing better than I thought
They have a neat little feature that lets you chart any three consoles while normalizing their start dates.

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Alas, E3… we hardly new ye.

As everyone knows by now, the E3 expo — that bastion of consumerism, the light that shone for all our industry to see — as of last year was no more.

I bring this up merely because this is the week that, in yesteryear, it would be held.

Today we’d be huddled in conference rooms listening to live feeds from Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony’s press conferences. We’d be making our trips over to the convention center to pick up our passes, knowing that in the next few days we’d get to take off work and visit the carnival to end … Continue reading

Wii Play

I was just remembering yesterday how over the holidays I took my Wii home for my relatives to play. It really amazed me how easily they all, from my 5 year old cousin to my 60 year old aunt, picked it up.

Most of the time, when I brought my game systems with me, I’d get a lot of “Hey, can you turn that off.” Or when I’d ask if anyone wanted to play, I’d get “No thanks, it looks too complicated for me.” The only exception to this, before the Wii, was Guitar Hero.

So it really was a … Continue reading