Project Cake

I did pretty much all I wanted to do with Project Bacon (my little Tank-based combat prototype), so now I’m moving onto the next step.


This is a test of more traditional methods of game design (manual placement and setup design principles). I’ve rewritten the engine I’m using to support using manually-created content instead of just random content.

All of these levels are currently set up using Tiled, an open source Tile Editor program. From Tiled I can set up art, gameplay, collision, and much more — it works as a full fledged editor for me.

The … Continue reading

A Pen-And-Paper RPG Meta-System

My gaming group is quite odd, as it turns out. It’s HUGE. When we get everyone, we have 11-13 people.

This is great, but most games are made for 4-8 people. They tend to bog down when you get up above 8, and most pen-and-paper RPG designers aren’t trying to solve the problem of having too many players. This is most likely because the most common situation is the opposite — you have too few players.

Our large games tend to fall apart for a few reasons:

  • The game’s rules, which run quickly with 4 players, do not scale well up … Continue reading
  • Oblivion Exploration Analysis

    I’m really slammed at the moment, so I though I’d post some excerpts from some analysis I did a while back on the exploration in Oblivion.

    Note: I didn’t remove all spoilers or grammar errors, but I got a bunch of em.


    One of the coolest things about Oblivion is how “free form” the game feels. As you wander through the world, attempting to do a quest that you have in your log, you are constantly running across other quests, ancient ruins, castles, cave systems, farms, camps, etc…. All of which are inevitably just slightly off your … Continue reading

    I haven’t really been playing much else…

    Over the three day weekend I finally got a lot of GTA 4 in, and I do love it quite a lot. Some of the things I mentioned in my first post still continue to annoy me (the many MANY buttons on the controls) but many have faded as I’ve gotten used to dealing with them.

    Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite things about GTA 4 and my top 5 least favorite things — just based on this weekend’s playing:

    1. Niko Bellik – He’s the series’ best hero to date. Not only is he a … Continue reading