Why do games cost so much to make?

This was an FAQ I got from a lot of people, most recently from Youtuber Rebellion3112. My most recent attempt to explain it got so long that I thought it might just be better to post it here so that everyone can enjoy (and so in the future I can redirect people here and lazily continue lazing about).

Everyone thank Rebellion for sharing. (Thanks, Rebellion).

So let’s get started. It is REALLY hard to explain this without going into a ton of detail, but here’s how it works in the simplest possible explanation (and this is still really long):

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Day One DLC

Capcom Releases 5$ Multiplayer DLC for RE5

Capcom released a multiplayer mode as Downloadable Content for the recently released Resident Evil 5, and of course the intertubes are aflame with hate. Although I have no problems with it personally, I can understand the argument against it — by releasing the multiplayer patch so soon after the game was released it seems like they are charging extra for a feature that most games include for free.

But love it or hate it, perhaps there’s some value in understanding WHY a company might do something like that. Even if it … Continue reading