Ward 32 – Episode 26

“I’m not leaving you behind again, pal.” You sling Harold’s uninjured arm over your shoulder. “We’re in this together. Besides… who else is gonna watch over me while I sit down and take a leisurely read?”

Harold doesn’t argue, he just nods and stands up with you. Together, the two of you limp through the woods and towards the city.

Hours pass. The moon slides across the sky and, given what Harold told you about your time constraints, this makes you increasingly more and more nervous. A few times Harold stops cold, as if he saw something in the brush. … Continue reading

Ward 32 – Episode 15

You reach the record player just as the first wave of insects begins emerging from the wall. There are so many of the damn things so close together that you can’t see the legs of one because it’s blocked by the body of another. Given this fact, and the fact that the sparse light in the room does not reflect well from their inky carapaces, you get the general impression of a river of oil spreading out over the library floor.

It swarms over books and under tables, skittering ever closer and making the most awful racket. Panicked, you frantically … Continue reading

Ward 32 – Episode 13

You pry yourself up off the cold floor and, seeing that Harold is still breathing, you slump down the dark corridor towards the one room with a patch of light and the crashing sounds coming from inside.

As you approach, your eyes glance forward beyond your objective, and you get a better idea of what is in the large room at the end of the hallway. It looks to be some kind of immense dining hall. A table, set with all manner of things, stretches away from you into the distance so far that you can’t see the end of … Continue reading

Ward 32 – Episode 9

Harold leads you down a twisting set of passageways with which you are unfamiliar. You think that perhaps it might be possible for you to find your way back, but you wouldn’t bet on it. At one point the passage opens up into a larger room — a junction of several other passageways. Harold stops right outside the entrance and puts a hand on your shoulder. He once again presses a finger to his lips, indicating that you should be quiet, and you nod your head in affirmation.

Once inside the junction, you can see why he wanted you to … Continue reading

Random Bloggage

I don’t have much to muse on this week, so this’ll just be bloggage. I’ve got a post in the works about how to figure out what to steal when stealing from other games… but that’s not ready yet. Hopefully I’ll get that out next week. I’ve noticed that a lot of people “borrow” the wrong things from games. GTA clones are a good example — they’ve got the ‘beating up hookers’ part down, but they skimp on the things that really made the game fun. So hopefully I’ll have some neat stuff on that subject soon…

My first week … Continue reading

On Resolution

I’ve been thinking a bit about resolution mechanics over the last few days… random, I know — but that’s what kind of crazy crap comes into my head when I’m not working.

By “resolution mechanic” I’m referring to the behind-the-scenes method by which a game resolves its core gameplay mechanic.

The three I’ve been thinking about lately (there could be more, but I’ve only really been pondering the three) are twitch (resolution through a player’s skill with the interface), fortune (resolution by luck), and karma (resolution by value / stats / strategy). Examples of games based on each of the … Continue reading