Day One DLC

Capcom Releases 5$ Multiplayer DLC for RE5

Capcom released a multiplayer mode as Downloadable Content for the recently released Resident Evil 5, and of course the intertubes are aflame with hate. Although I have no problems with it personally, I can understand the argument against it — by releasing the multiplayer patch so soon after the game was released it seems like they are charging extra for a feature that most games include for free.

But love it or hate it, perhaps there’s some value in understanding WHY a company might do something like that. Even if it … Continue reading

A day in the life….

So in case any of you wonder what a normal workday is like for us game industry designery folks, here’s a quick rundown of my day:

  • Get in at 10:10am. – ALMOST ON TIME! WOO!
  • Discover that I got a new shelf. That means one thing… IT’S TIME TO SET UP ALL MY TOYS!
  • Have a discussion with the programmers about how to handle important things like how the camera works and what happens when you die.
  • Have a meeting with our Project Manager to get caught up on what’s required for the next … Continue reading