Diablo 3 is not just about loot

Well, it KIND of is — but give me a second just to put a word in.

I hear a lot of people say that “Diablo is fun, but not because of the core mechanic — it’s because of the loot.”

Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some loot. Loot is probably the main driving force for me when playing a lot of games. So I’m not saying that Diablo 3 isn’t about loot.

I’m saying Diablo 3 is not JUST about loot. The mindless clicking IS fun.

In Diablo 3, there are a ton of different enemies. They … Continue reading

A Little Design 101

With my designer friends we always refer to obvious designer maxims as “Design 101” — in context: “Oh yeah, that’s Design 101 material right there.”

So I figured I’d pull out a few design 101 maxims every so often and discuss them:

– Levels should begin with a good opening view
Don’t start the player looking at a wall. It’s much more interesting to give him a good vista or a view of some interesting object. Further, if you can compose the starting view so that the player gets a look at a place he’ll be going later on … Continue reading