A day in the life….

So in case any of you wonder what a normal workday is like for us game industry designery folks, here’s a quick rundown of my day:

  • Get in at 10:10am. – ALMOST ON TIME! WOO!
  • Discover that I got a new shelf. That means one thing… IT’S TIME TO SET UP ALL MY TOYS!
  • Have a discussion with the programmers about how to handle important things like how the camera works and what happens when you die.
  • Have a meeting with our Project Manager to get caught up on what’s required for the next … Continue reading

Stealing Game Design… Properly (Part 1)

Note from Mike in 2012:
I wrote this article and its companion more than 4 years ago. In that time, my game design philosophy has evolved and changed quite a bit. While I think there are still good nuggets to pull out of these articles, I just want to say that they’re no longer as current (in terms of my thinking). That disclaimer done, check it out! (Part 2 here)


It’s a common sight in video game development. You’re sitting at your desk when all of a sudden you hear the sounds of carnage … Continue reading