And still… I make more stuff: Part V

Building on the stuff I made in Part IV, I have more to share.

I’ve converted the whole thing to use the Pushbutton Engine. It’s not a huge leap, but it took me a while to make it work. I haven’t used Pushbutton since my Stick Figure Samurai experiments, and it’s changed quite a bit since then.

After doing that, I made a quick prototype where you can run around inside one of the randomly generated mazes. Pushbutton made it surprisingly easy!

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New Job!

So now, about 3 and a half months after being laid off from Bionic, I finally have a new job!

It’s pretty neat. I’m a “Design Specialist” for Activision. I had never heard of such a job before, but it’s pretty different from anything I’ve done previously.

Basically I’m working publisher-side, instead of developer-side. When an Activision development team (first or third party) requests or needs help with design, our group responds. We review builds and give feedback, travel on-site and visit with developers, and in general help wherever we’re needed most.

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OMG Controls, WTFBQ!?

This build is a huge step forward in terms of background tech, but there’s also enough cool stuff to show that I’ll post it.

Here’s what’s changed:

Behind the scenes:

  • Made the tweening stuff work a lot better
  • Made it so I can mirror animations (sounds easy, but it wasn’t)
  • The camera is scrolling now instead of the world. Before, the world was scrolling and the SFS was running in place. Now there’s actually a world and it’s the camera and the hero that are moving

Cool stuff to play with and see:

Stick Figure Samurai — The Run Cycle

Here’s a test run cycle for the Stick Figure Samurai (the hero of a game I eventually want to make). This is using the AnimeStudio plugin I wrote. The cherry blossom particles are a quick edit of the snow particle. The background is a straight up hack to test if the run cycle looks right.

Credit: I borrowed the scrolling background from this site: Though I balanced the colors a bit grayscale just to see how the SFS would show up against it.

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