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First off, more Manchester Cathedral fun stuff: ran an article cataloging the 50 biggest events (in the gaming industry) from 2007 and the Manchester Cathedral thing is on page 3 (it’s all chronological, so it’s under June):

The Church of England Blasts Resistance
June 10th
Impact Rating: 5

Resistance: Fall of Man’s depiction of a shootout in Manchester Cathedral drew a surprising amount of outrage from the Church of England. The Church pursued the issue for months, claiming that the depiction was an act of “virtual desecration”. The spat was dramatic enough to draw a reasonable … Continue reading

Ward 32 – Episode 12

Rising from your seat, you stand before the woman with the python mask, raise the cup of wisdom to your lips and drink deeply.

For a few brief moments you are unaffected, but before long your vision starts to narrow and blacken, and you feel unconsciousness setting in around you. Before you collapse to the floor in a heap, you dimly hear the voice of the man on the dais…

“Forsaking power and remembrance, you choose wisdom and foresight. Blessing or curse, my friend, the gift is yours. As always, you have my pity.”

And then there is darkness.

Images … Continue reading