Project Bacon Level Design Prototyping, and other updates

I’ve been sick recently, and though that has sucked a LOT, it has given me time to work on project Bacon while I’ve been stuck at home (thank God for laptops so I can code in bed).

We’ve also put out more episodes of the podcast, we’re up to episode 10. Check it out at

Ok, so on to the bacon! I’ve made a ton of improvements, but let’s get the boring bits out of the way first — I’ve made a ton of optimizations to the code, so the whole thing runs a lot faster. I also … Continue reading

Gamepro seems to really like Skylanders

If I could show my ten-year-old self the “magic moment” of putting a Skylanders figurine on the portal and watching it come to life on the screen, I think mini-me would be floored. Toys for Bob are truly doing some incredible things with the tech behind Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, and it’s a pretty clear indication of what the future holds for toy/game hybrids. Even beyond the fact that the game is aimed at a younger demographic, I can’t imagine gamers of all ages being unimpressed with the cool hybrid tech the Skylanders devs have created here.

It’s a … Continue reading

5 Years is a Long Time

Well it’s all done tomorrow. Friday is my last day at Insomniac Games.

It’s been an awesome five years, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

I’m going to be moving over to Obsidian — they made KOTOR II and Neverwinter Nights II.

I get to work on this, how awesome is that!? And I get to be lead level designer. SCORE!

I’m really excited to see how s different company makes games. To this point, I’ve only seen how Insomniac does things. I’m looking forward to learning new things and working … Continue reading