What I’m Playing

Oh man, so much…

I both love and hate this time of year. I was kind of relieved last year when it was a lackluster season.

Phew, here we go:

Games I’m Playing Now:

  • Zelda – Phantom Hourglass
  • Yes, I’m still working on it. I’m gonna finish it because I finish ALL Zelda games, but really this one is near the bottom of my list of favorite Zelda Games. I think I’ve written about it before, but I REALLY don’t agree with a number of decisions they made in this game. Especially the retraversal of the sea temple. I’ve … Continue reading

Zero Punctuation

A link that’s been going around work for a bit is for an Escapist feature called Zero Punctuation. Essentially, it’s a weekly submission by a delightfully-accented man (British-born, Australian-resident) ranting and raving about various things.

This episode was too good not to share:

This episode is about the current console wars (which it describes with amazing accuracy and insight), and during the PS3 part it describes the fundamental experience of a Final Fantasy game as: “Like listening to the Star Wars soundtrack while huffing nitrous oxide and reading an Excel spreadsheet”

Which sounds about right to me. At least … Continue reading