The Great Wet North

As you may (or may not) know, I’m in Canada this week (Quebec, specifically), for work. It’s raining (not snowing) — about 37 degrees farenheight during the night and 42-ish during the day. All in all not as cold as I expected, but fairly wet.

It’s been an interesting trip so far. The flights were fairly tame, especially given my recent experiences. I did get on a tiny midget plane to get from Detroit to Canada, though, and that was interesting.

I’m staying at a hotel called Pur. The hotel has a very sparse, modern decor — but is quite comfortable. Plus my room has an AMAZING view:


I don’t know if I can say which developer I’m up here to see, but I do have this picture of something I saw on their walls which amused me greatly.

The food is really good up here. Every place I’ve gone has only had menus in french, though. It’s funny, because I had heard that by law they had to have english menus, but I guess in practice no one does that. One place said they had one english menu, but no one knew where it was. In general, it hasn’t been too hard to breach the language barrier, but there have been some funny moments:


Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am. I get to make games, travel to foreign lands, and I’m typing this right now on my laptop, looking out at this:

I love my job.

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