Man, June has been a crazy month. I got sick, started a podcast, went to E3, cleaned up a horrible virus that infected my server and took down all my websites, and generally have just been REALLY REALLY busy.

(Speaking of which, podcast episodes 5 and 6 are up! Check them out over at http://podcast.uselessopinions.com)

One thing I haven’t done yet in the month of June, though, is make any posts about Project Bacon!

That’s not because I haven’t worked on it, oh no. I’ve been working, but I did a big ol’ overhaul and it wasn’t looking great for a while, so I didn’t want to put anything up.

However, tonight I finished up the overhaul and made a few visual improvements and now it’s ready to come back up again.

A lot of the improvements are behind-the-scenes things. I profiled the application and made it a bit more efficient (and then proceeded to lose all those gains by putting in more graphical flashiness).

I re-wrote the level generator to generate pseudo-linear levels. I’ll do a post about how it works some time, but now I’m just too tired. Suffice it to say that it now generates levels that are pseudo-linear (linear with short branches) and also generates level with no walls (the level is now floating high in the sky). I found this improves the gameplay, since you can shoot over all the gaps, but not move over them. My next improvement will be adding cover in, but that will be very difficult to do, so it’ll be a while.

I never got around to making the new weapons, so you still have the same two from the last prototype.

And finally, I put in some extra graphical niceness — parallax scrolling backgrounds and foregrounds, a hard-to-see fog plane in the distance, and a little rain effect (complete with sounds).

These are all temp graphics, of course, until I can get some art wizardry done on them, but at least now the tilesets are made and ready to be arted atop.

So check it out. The gameplay isn’t much different from the last time, but the game will feel a lot different because of the gaps where walls used to be. I thought that was very interesting, myself.

To see the build, please click here.

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