Wherein I Whine…

I sprained my thumb about three weeks ago on Friday the 13th (riding a mechanical bull… I know). I’ve been going through a bunch of bullshit with my HMO, and they basically have given me zero care. The one bit of care I got (an Xray and a brace) I had to pay for myself because they delayed it out to obscene amounts.

I was supposed to go in today for physical therapy and they informed me that I had cancelled my appointment, which certainly took me by surprise. I guess I’ve been cancelling appointments in my sleep again. Silly me.

The part that sucks the most is that it’s my left thumb. My left-analog-stick-thumb. I’ve been trying to play games, but I can’t do it. It either hurts or my thumb is too weak to perform the motions.

If my thumb is hurt permanently because these HMO assholes refuse to help me, this could be very bad. I NEED that thumb.

Fucking asshats, all of them.

UPDATE: Upon making my rescheduled appointment, they were all very nice and helpful — and there were no crazy insurance problems. Finally, after three weeks, four appointments, and many hours, it seems I have managed to get some health care.

Easy as pie.


UPDATE 2: No, I apparently paid for all that healthcare myself. My insurance company has still not paid one dollar (and probably will not ever pay one dollar). Good Samaritan IPA — you can go fuck yourselves.

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  1. What’s with you and cancelling stuff in your sleep? 😛

    Seriously though, I really hope that your thumb is not severely damaged!

    Have you gotten another appointement for physical therapy and have you screamed fought stabbed shot RYNO told them that you didn’t cancel the appointement?

  2. I did all of those things, but to no avail. However, they did give me a follow-up appointment today and were very nice. So that’s good =)

  3. Happy you finally were able to get some healthcare. I hope your thumb is going to be alright!

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