Zero Punctuation

A link that’s been going around work for a bit is for an Escapist feature called Zero Punctuation. Essentially, it’s a weekly submission by a delightfully-accented man (British-born, Australian-resident) ranting and raving about various things.

This episode was too good not to share:

This episode is about the current console wars (which it describes with amazing accuracy and insight), and during the PS3 part it describes the fundamental experience of a Final Fantasy game as: “Like listening to the Star Wars soundtrack while huffing nitrous oxide and reading an Excel spreadsheet”

Which sounds about right to me. At least for the recent incarnations.

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  1. Don’t cheat yourself. Watch all the video reviews available, especially the one of Psychonauts. Astounding. His astute-metaphor-per-minute ratio is astounding.

  2. Hmmm, I’ve got to check that out. I haven’t been following the Escapist as much lately, with their new format. I know it’s more normal, but I liked the whole faux magazine feel.

  3. That was awesome, thanks Mike!

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