Another story beginning

Continuing my series about stories I started to write, but will never finish, here’s a new one. Only a few weeks old.

The would-be assassin lay in a motionless heap on the floor on the other side of the attic. I walked to his feet and shouted. “Get up!”


Odd. I was pretty sure I hadn’t hit him hard enough for a knockout. His legs were broken, sure, but he wasn’t bleeding anywhere nearly enough and I had specifically avoided hitting his neck or face. My instincts for this kind of thing are usually pretty good, so I went … Continue reading

Another beginning to a story I will never write…

The most recent in my series. This one is a little less content-rich than the others, but given that the others were on the order of 1 paragraph, that’s not saying much.

I wrote this tonight, whilst I was drinking Jameson and trying to forget the recent unpleasantness at my place of business.


I have made a terrible error.
God help me.


[2 months earlier.]

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I don’t know where this one was going…

For this installment of “Beginnings of Stories I will Never Write,” we pick a story that I tried to write based on a final line I came up with.

During the last scene in this story, which was never written, Chris was supposed to be stopped by an evangelist who would ask him if he’d found Jesus yet. Normally Chris would respond “I didn’t know he was missing” but this time he says “You know what, I think he found me.”

I imagine there was going to be some warming of hearts and perhaps some supernatural chicanery. Nevertheless it did … Continue reading

A feature

I was trying to think of features for my blog — something that would keep me writing content from time to time. And I came up with this one:


I’m constantly starting stories and then not finishing them. I’ve done this since high school. I imagine I’ll continue doing this until I die.

So to put those to some use, I’m going to post the first paragraph or so of these stories. My hope is that they, on their own, conjure up an image of what the story would have been — which … Continue reading