Ward 32 – Episode 32

As fast as you can (in your severely weakened condition) you make your way to the room Harold referred to as “the heart” of this place. A short hallway links the heart chamber in front of you to the grand hall behind you. As you walk the length of the hallway, it isn’t until you notice your breath steaming from your mouth that you realize the temperature is falling rapidly.

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Ward 32 – Episode 31

You race through the halls in a mad attempt to find a way down. After a relatively short while, however, you begin to dispair of ever finding your way. The hallways twist and turn at obscene angles. Staircases go down and then back up again into some other part of the building. Doorways lead into rooms of odd shapes and sizes and with all that confusion you quickly lose your sense of direction. You have no idea which way you came.

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Ward 32 – Episode 30

You attempt to yell over the increasingly louder and louder buzzing noise. “Harold, we need to split up!”

“No way, Vlad. You need me. You haven’t finished the book, and plus you don’t… LOOK OUT!” Harold leaps at you and slams his shoulder into your chest, propelling you backwards a few steps. A moment later, you see something dark and grey fly inches past your face and land on the roof directly in front of you — the spot in which, until Harold pushed you, you had been standing. Continuing its momentum, it skids across the roof, ripping jagged gashes … Continue reading

Ward 32 – Episode 29

You and harold dash up the stairs, heading for the roof of the building. The opressive buzzing noise receeds somewhat. It’s still loud, and it’s still annoying, but at least it’s not as bad as it was outside.

The stairwell is similar to those you’re familiar with in everyday buildings with the exception being that you’re pretty certain the stairs are not at right angles to the rest of the building geometry. The overall effect of this is that you quickly lose track of what direction you were facing when you first entered the stairwell.

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Ward 32 – Episode 28

Chapter two is preceeded, as you noted before, with a picture of a human skeleton. The lower half of the skeleton seems to be in the process of turning to dust and is blowing away in the wind. Below the image is an eight pointed star — a symbol for absolute chaos. The pages of this chapter are dry and brittle to the touch, and small bits flake away from the edges of the pages as you touch them. You’re surprised that pages as brittle as this didn’t disintegrate entirely when you submerged the book in water.

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Ward 32 – Episode 27

Your choice made, you begin to read through the huge tome. Turning to the first page of chapter 1, you make a surprising discovery! Right before chapter 1 begins is a page that you don’t remember seeing when you first scanned through the book… either it wasn’t there before or the pain and lack of sleep are finally getting to you.

The page is empty except for three short sentences, centered horizontally and vertically on the page. The letters are gilded, and their size and placement are unique for this book. All of this serves to draw your attention, and … Continue reading

Ward 32 – Episode 26

“I’m not leaving you behind again, pal.” You sling Harold’s uninjured arm over your shoulder. “We’re in this together. Besides… who else is gonna watch over me while I sit down and take a leisurely read?”

Harold doesn’t argue, he just nods and stands up with you. Together, the two of you limp through the woods and towards the city.

Hours pass. The moon slides across the sky and, given what Harold told you about your time constraints, this makes you increasingly more and more nervous. A few times Harold stops cold, as if he saw something in the brush. … Continue reading