Another story beginning

Continuing my series about stories I started to write, but will never finish, here’s a new one. Only a few weeks old.

The would-be assassin lay in a motionless heap on the floor on the other side of the attic. I walked to his feet and shouted. “Get up!”


Odd. I was pretty sure I hadn’t hit him hard enough for a knockout. His legs were broken, sure, but he wasn’t bleeding anywhere nearly enough and I had specifically avoided hitting his neck or face. My instincts for this kind of thing are usually pretty good, so I went … Continue reading

Oblivion Analysis: 2015 Update

Oblivion's Opening View


Five years ago I wrote an analysis of the exploration in Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. For those of you who haven’t played it, it’s like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim but not as user-friendly. It’s pretty cool, but hard to read the way I originally wrote it. I vaguely recall I was swamped at the time, so I probably cut some corners.

So now, five years later, I’m updating the article and making it easier to read. Enjoy (again?).


One of the coolest things about Oblivion is how “free form” the game feels. As you wander through the world, attempting … Continue reading

Jon Pertwee again, but better


I’ve decided to try all the doctors in this style (and maybe try a do-over on the Eighth Doctor). So here’s Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor in this black and white style I’ve been developing.


This time I learned a lot about drawing the shading lines on the face. In previous drawings I’d had the lines be mostly parallel, but in this one I tried putting them at angles. I think it really improved the three-dimensional-ness of the final result.