Memory Lane

I was going through my Spyborgs materials and listening to a bunch of the songs that we didn’t include when we changed directions (but which are available on the disc as special features).

This one was one of my favorites:

Two Fisted Plumbing Commercial Jingle

In the original concept for this game (when it was a Saturday Morning cartoon) we had short playable commercials. This commercial was for a plumbing company called “Two-Fisted Plumbers”.

The two fish plumbers with banjos are sitting in a sewer singing the jingle and you strummed with the wii-remote along to notes that … Continue reading

Must be some kind of record

Wow, Spyborgs discounted 50% after only one month of sales. I think this sets some kind of record.

The part I love is how nobody’s heard of the game. “Wait… what game from Capcom was dropped down to 20 bucks?”

I make it a policy never to write anything that can come back to haunt me in a blog, but it’s just so tempting to rant up a storm on the whole Spyborgs situation. I don’t think I’ve been this angry about something in my entire career.

I’ve never been so close to just saying “fuck it” and … Continue reading

Rated T for Teen

From Spyborgs’ ESRB rating page on

… An unlockable video features a cartoon parody of a Saturday morning commercial in which two fish sing about their plumbing services (e.g., “…if it’s reeking something savage ’cause you’ve eaten too much cabbage…”). The sounds of flatulence and the discharge of excrement can be heard as the camera pans out to the image of an unuseable toilet.

Spyborgs! Buy two!

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IGN Previews Spyborgs

And likes it! WOO!

“And really the highlight of the game – lame as it may sound when I say it, but true nonetheless – is that everything just works in Spyborgs Even in this preview build there wasn’t often that I felt like I was critiquing a game, so much as just enjoying something that was polished, well made, and fun. Each new enemy type enters the scene with a cinematic cut-to when dropping in for the first time, you get plenty of variation with enemy entrances – dropping from ropes, teleporting in, crashing through doors and … Continue reading

This game looks awesome

Another reason to get me some WiiWare gift cards — take notice, potential gift-givers!

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is a 2D sidescrolling run ‘n gun action game featuring frenetic combat spread across 13 diverse landscapes. Up to four players can fight alongside each other to defeat their foes or just to annoy each other.

I’m also excited about Cave Story for Wii Ware.

Looks like the indies are stepping up when it comes to the Wii. And a good thing, too. If that console wins the war, and it looks … Continue reading

What the… Spyborgs news?

This is the first Spyborgs-related story I’ve seen in a while. I guess Nintendo power has a little tidbit on it’s hands. I can’t say  for sure either way, but at least it’s a mention of the project I’m working on.

I gotta get my hands on the January edition. I don’t think it has anything but a sentence or two, but still…

Once we show again, I think people are going to be very pleased indeed, so I can’t wait for that. In the mean time, I must … Continue reading

So the word is out…

It’s pretty cool, as a developer, when the world finally knows about the game you’re working on.

Spyborgs got announced today. Here’s some links to relevant videos

So first, the teaser:

Here’s an interview I did with gametrailers:

There’ll probably be some more stuff in the next few days, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all sorts out.

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