This game looks awesome

Another reason to get me some WiiWare gift cards — take notice, potential gift-givers!

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is a 2D sidescrolling run ‘n gun action game featuring frenetic combat spread across 13 diverse landscapes. Up to four players can fight alongside each other to defeat their foes or just to annoy each other.

I’m also excited about Cave Story for Wii Ware.

Looks like the indies are stepping up when it comes to the Wii. And a good thing, too. If that console wins the war, and it looks … Continue reading

I don’t know where this one was going…

For this installment of “Beginnings of Stories I will Never Write,” we pick a story that I tried to write based on a final line I came up with.

During the last scene in this story, which was never written, Chris was supposed to be stopped by an evangelist who would ask him if he’d found Jesus yet. Normally Chris would respond “I didn’t know he was missing” but this time he says “You know what, I think he found me.”

I imagine there was going to be some warming of hearts and perhaps some supernatural chicanery. Nevertheless it did … Continue reading

A feature

I was trying to think of features for my blog — something that would keep me writing content from time to time. And I came up with this one:


I’m constantly starting stories and then not finishing them. I’ve done this since high school. I imagine I’ll continue doing this until I die.

So to put those to some use, I’m going to post the first paragraph or so of these stories. My hope is that they, on their own, conjure up an image of what the story would have been — which … Continue reading

An interesting side note to my Used Games post

A few interesting points in this article:

“those who do buy used games have a good deal of their purchasing power soaked up by GameStop and other specialty retailers — to the detriment of both conventional electronics outlets and new game sales in general.”

Interesting. Not very surprising, but interesting that there’s data that points to this.

“Gameasure data also show a clear association between GameStop’s sales and used game purchase rates, suggesting that the retailer is indeed pushing its used merchandise over its newer titles,” 

Anyone who’s ever been in a GameStop knows this, but again it’s good to … Continue reading

What the… Spyborgs news?

This is the first Spyborgs-related story I’ve seen in a while. I guess Nintendo power has a little tidbit on it’s hands. I can’t say  for sure either way, but at least it’s a mention of the project I’m working on.

I gotta get my hands on the January edition. I don’t think it has anything but a sentence or two, but still…

Once we show again, I think people are going to be very pleased indeed, so I can’t wait for that. In the mean time, I must … Continue reading

The curse

Many sites have reported on this, but there’s just too much good shit coming out right now:

Between Fable 2, Resistance 2, Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Dead Space, and Little Big Planet I don’t know where to put my few gaming hours.

Sometimes it really sucks to be a working gamer. It especially sucks when you work in games and that takes away all your time for actually playing games.

The nice bit, though, is that Fallout 3 is awesome.

I’ve been comparing my play with that of a few of my friends, and it’s amazing to … Continue reading

Kotaku on Why Game Endings Suck

I can see two reasons this happens. Among some developers I’m sure their is a desire to pad a story and make the game longer. This gives many games, like GTA IV, what I’m going to call a false climax. You have a point in the story where you feel like it should be over, but instead you’re hit with more rising action and another, much less powerful climax and absolutely no resolution.

Other developers, I think want to leave the door open for a sequel and, like in Bioshock, feel like they need to walk readers down that path … Continue reading

I haven’t really been playing much else…

Over the three day weekend I finally got a lot of GTA 4 in, and I do love it quite a lot. Some of the things I mentioned in my first post still continue to annoy me (the many MANY buttons on the controls) but many have faded as I’ve gotten used to dealing with them.

Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite things about GTA 4 and my top 5 least favorite things — just based on this weekend’s playing:

1. Niko Bellik – He’s the series’ best hero to date. Not only is he a … Continue reading

GTA 4 Update and Rambling

I haven’t been playing GTA IV exclusively — there have been a few other games (and various other activities) taking up my time recently, but I’m trying.

After going through some more of the story, I’m really starting to get interested. It’s a bit easier to drive the cars now, though that may be just because I know which cars are pieces of shit and which cars are better to drive. I’m guessing it’s a measure of me getting better, as well.

Using cover makes the combat system much less offensive (when I can remember what button actually FUCKING does … Continue reading

BOD V: For Valentines Day a few years back

Ah, L’amour. The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, and your wallet is empty. It’s that time of year again. Many of you might not know the true meaning of Christmas, but let me tell you a little story. See once upon a time there was this reindeer, right…. wait… what? I’m supposed to be talking about Valentine’s Day?

Um… yeah. So many of you might not know the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, but let me tell you a little story. See once upon a time there was this reindeer, and he was a really cute … Continue reading