Magic: The Warcraftening

I’ve been playing a lot of Blizzard’s new digital-only collectible card game Hearthstone, and I really like a lot of the decisions they made. There are a few things I really miss from
playing Magic: The Gathering, though — and I’d love to give the following “merger” of the two a try some time:

Magic: The Warcraftening

Rules:As Magic: The Gathering, except:

Deck Construction

  • Choose and use a Commander using the “Commander” rules.
  • Decks may only be constructed using card colors in the casting cost of the Commander. (Artifacts and other colorless-cost cards may always be used).
  • Decks are constructed of 30 cards.
  • In a Deck may not have more than 2 copies of any card you could previously have had 4 copies of.
  • You may not put basic land cards in a deck.


    • The hand limit is 10 instead of 7.
    • Draw 3 cards to start instead of 7.
    • Players each have 30 health.
    • Mulligan rules per Hearthstone.
    • The player who goes second gets one extra card to start, and the “mana stone” card. [0 Casting cost – Add one mana of any color to your mana pool].
    • Just represent this by giving the player a proxy or using some other card (like a novelty oversized or advert card).

M:TG Card with Hearthstone Card



  • During your draw phase, if you can’t draw a card take 3 damage (instead of just losing).
  • If you play a (non-basic) land card, it comes into play tapped. If it already would have come into play tapped, put a “fuckyoumunchkin” counter on it that you remove during upkeep. It does not untap during the untap phase while this counter is on it.
  • Mana is gained as in Hearthsone: Each turn the player is given N mana to spend total (max 10), where N is the number of turns that have passed so far.
    • Track this by putting an upside-down basic land card into play every draw phase, along with doing your normal draw.
    • This mana may be used to cast spells of any color — it is of the type “Ultraviolet Mana.”
    • The cards are not permanents and not land. They’re just for tracking purposes.

I haven’t tested this — I just rattled it off the top of my head. But if anyone plays it, let me know how it goes.

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