Immortan Joe

Here’s one I started of Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Based on this image:
Immortan Joe Still

Basically what I did is put the image on the bottom layer of photoshop, then draw on top of it using a pen tablet and four-ish shades of gray.

Then once I have something that looks right, I remove the bottom layer and we end up with grays, like this.

This could use a bunch more polish and some color.

Not sure I will do it, but who knows?

Immortan Joe Painting - Greys

MonoBehaviour Singletons in Unity

There are a lot of tutorials on singletons and what they are, so I’m gonna skip that.

I wrote a class that’s a template for making Unity MonoBehavior Singletons that can run with an update and stuff, and which don’t suffer from the usual “null” pointer tedium.

I’m not going to do too much explaining of it here, as it’s sort of self-explanatory, I think. Basically, the “self” accessor always makes sure you have a gameObject with the script running on it, and provides a reference. So when you use Class.self in another script, you never have to worry about … Continue reading

11th Doctor

Turns out drawing all the Doctors is a really good way to practice drawing people — and the variation of backgrounds is a good excuse to try different painting tricks and techniques.

I learned a few new tricks on this one.

I think I could polish it up some more, but I’m running out of steam — so who knows?

11th doctor painting

Landscape painting

I like how this one turned out. I used to really like Van Gogh in art class — his work seemed to show everything in a fierce motion. Dunno how to explain it.

This is my attempt to shoot for something similar — not necessarily in style, but in urgency.

I based the image off of a picture I found by googling “pretty landscape” or something.

Cliffs overlooking the ocean painting