Doctor 7 and the Brigadier

I did a painting of Sylvester McCoy, my favorite of the old-school doctors, with Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart — my favorite of the old school companions.

The image reference for this was from the story Battlefield, which was “King Arthur meets UNIT.” Nuff said, amirite?

I like the color palette I ended up working with. It makes the light parts seem lighter and the dark parts darker.

Doctor 7 and the Brigadier painting

A ‘Madlibs’ Game Design Doc: Part 2

Warning — I didn’t give this post my usual level of editing and scrutiny because I haven’t been feeling too well.

I wanted to post it, even in its raw state. Hopefully you’ll find some use from these rough notes, and when I move on to the later parts I’ll develop them more fully.

Think of this as a chance to peer inside an in-progress design.

In our last adventure, we went through the theme and designed the enemies. Part 2 is about designing player abilities. If you haven’t read the previous article, this one might not make much sense. … Continue reading

Because it has been asked of me so many times…

In any human endeavor I’ve been exposed to, I’ve found this distribution of attitudes in people:

1) The “Aggressively Incompetent” – In my whole life, I’ve only seen a handful of these. But just one of them is enough to ruin an entire project. One of these can negate the work of dozens of people. Fire on sight. The key sign is this: They become this way the second their crap starts reducing someone else’s ability to “produce” (whatever the fuck that means).

2) The “Zoned” – Not too many of these either. These are the people who (no matter … Continue reading

Brain Spiders

The last few days when people come to help me
the spiders pour out from my brain and crawl on them.

I try to stop the spiders with clenched teeth,
or with hands over my ears or eyes.
As their sickening alternatives present themselves
my own reasonable options fall below.

Fuck, it screams, shit. Smash it all and let them burn.
Another part wants silence (but it will never get silence).
The third part…
The third part is far too afraid of silence to ever let that happen.

It plays itself out as … Continue reading

Magic: The Warcraftening

I’ve been playing a lot of Blizzard’s new digital-only collectible card game Hearthstone, and I really like a lot of the decisions they made. There are a few things I really miss from
playing Magic: The Gathering, though — and I’d love to give the following “merger” of the two a try some time:

Magic: The Warcraftening

Rules:As Magic: The Gathering, except:

Deck Construction

A ‘Madlibs’ Game Design Doc: Part 1

A quick note. The following work is considered public domain information. Use it however you want. If you’d like to tell me about it afterwards, I promise you it will make me a happy man — but if you don’t I won’t lose any sleep.

On twitter the other day, I decided on a whim that I wanted to create and fill out a madlib and then design a game based on the answers I got.

I’m trying to design a game via ‘madlibs.’ I’ll ask questions, and the first response dictates the answer. I’ll post the design on my … Continue reading

Confessions of a Nerd who is Learning to Love Football

When I was a kid, I had plenty of reasons (or so I believed) to hate the sport of football — but I think I can trace it back to one week in particular during 7th grade.

I’m an August kid. For those countless masses of you of you lucky enough NOT to have been born at the end of summer vacation let me explain to you what this means:

1) You never have to go to school on your birthday.

2) When you start working, you really start to miss #1.

3) You’re either a year older or younger … Continue reading