PTSD, a Poem

My devil is a sick and profane companion.

When he wrings out the cloth of my mind
and finds my frequent failures
and pathetic attempts —
on the days my devil is Depression, he tells me
to stop struggling. Relax.

It’s peaceful only by comparison to other days.

Because my devil is not Depression every day.

On the days my devil is Fear, Panic, Anxiety
he runs to and fro,
wildly waving his hands
with my fears and future held,
one in each hand.

He menaces me with them
like a … Continue reading

Why do games cost so much to make?

This was an FAQ I got from a lot of people, most recently from Youtuber Rebellion3112. My most recent attempt to explain it got so long that I thought it might just be better to post it here so that everyone can enjoy (and so in the future I can redirect people here and lazily continue lazing about).

Everyone thank Rebellion for sharing. (Thanks, Rebellion).

So let’s get started. It is REALLY hard to explain this without going into a ton of detail, but here’s how it works in the simplest possible explanation (and this is still really long):

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The Feast

Hey everyone,

I wrote a short story a couple months ago called The Feast.

It’s about a family that gets trapped in a cave by a host of demons, and must tell it stories in order to escape. The story is told in an old-timey fairy-tale sort of voice, and I think it worked out pretty well!

I’ve embedded the story below the fold. Hope you enjoy it!


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At least two types of players….

I found this post I made on a gamasutra article, and I thought it might make good blog fodder.

It was in response to a comment about games that felt “disrespectful” of their players.


It seems to me like there are at least two types of players who want different things. One type likes to FEEL smart, or powerful. The other wants to solve problems that require them to BE powerful or smart, or whatever.

I’ve seen these groups over and over again in my career. We even designed separate multiplayer modes for each of them in Resistance 1. … Continue reading

Diablo 3 is not just about loot

Well, it KIND of is — but give me a second just to put a word in.

I hear a lot of people say that “Diablo is fun, but not because of the core mechanic — it’s because of the loot.”

Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some loot. Loot is probably the main driving force for me when playing a lot of games. So I’m not saying that Diablo 3 isn’t about loot.

I’m saying Diablo 3 is not JUST about loot. The mindless clicking IS fun.

In Diablo 3, there are a ton of different enemies. They … Continue reading

Some updates

I haven’t been posting here recently, but hopefully this is the beginning of a reversal to that trend.

I’ve posted a few things on the YouTubes that you might be interested in:

First, after getting lots of requests, I’ve put together a version of my GDC talk that I think is legal to show. I recorded the audio myself, and cut together slides over it — so I don’t think I’m using anythign I shouldn’t.

Be warned, it’s an hour long.

Secondly, we’re now 13 episodes into the RC3 developer commentary. The latest episode is about my trials and … Continue reading


Our friends over at GeekDad just keep writing great stuff about Skylanders:

The article I linked above has one passage that made me stop and marvel.

They don’t actually use the Skylanders DS styluses to play on the DS at all. Firstly they used them to create their own plays in a make shift cardboard theater. By poking the stylus up from behind they could get the miniature Skylanders figures to act out different chapters from their adventures.

They then moved on from this when one of the styluses got inadvertently broken (apparently during a particularly hazardous Skylanders … Continue reading

In which I am a bit of a bummer

When I came to school that day, I was  excited. I had something to share with my fellow students, something, maybe, that might convince them I was cool enough to finally be left alone. 

I’d been given a book. A very old book, I thought. Older than me, even, as it had been printed in the 60s, but written long before then. It had belonged to the library last, though from how worn and tattered it was I suspect it had several previous owners. It was mine now, though, and I knew it would be my ticket out of misery. 

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